Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dan's Bday and the European Championships

The next best time to be in Germany after the World Cup is when the UEFA European Championships are on.  The summer of 2012 was one such time and we were fortunate to spend our last month in Germany completely entranced with the competition.

     The last time that I was in Germany for a European Championship was in 2004 when I studied abroad here.  That summer proved to be disappointing for team Germany though, as they were ousted in either the group stage or the second round.  In 2008 they came up short in the semi-finals, and this was the year to avenge their poor luck.  They were chosen as a favorite this year and it was my intention to watch every game made available.  This time of year you can walk along practically any street in Frankfurt and enjoy the games on large, flat screen tvs in front of respectable crowds.

Team Germany broke out some throw-back jerseys from 1972 that we totally went for - unfortunately they never wore them in a match this tournament.

During the group stage we had an opportunity to catch Germany vs. Portugal on the occasion of our friend Dan's birthday.  This is not Dan.  This is Jago.  He's modeling the team face paint that we got from our beer guy.


Ben and the birthday boy, Dan.

Jago and Jess.

Gina, Kate, Tran, Dan and Ben

Jules and Mony

Team Jackson.  Be intimidated.

As you probably know, Germany lost in the semi-finals (yet again) to Italy, who went on to be embarrassed by the Spaniards in the final.  Oh well, there's always Brazil 2014!!  It was fun to watch all of the games anyways.


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