Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well Fed "Last Supper"

As Christians, Marisa and I believe that life is meant to be communal (not in the literal sense necessarily).  With that in mind, wherever we live we know that it's important to find a church community to plug in-to as well as a "small group" to share life with.  For those that aren't familiar with all of the contemporary Christian church lingo, a "small group" is a sub-group of people within a church that meet on a regular basis to talk, share ups and downs of life, discuss passages from the Bible or other Christian books, pray together, and sometimes share meals together.  Some may be short-term, involving the study of one particular book or topic, while others may be on-going, changing topics and studies.

That being said, we were members of the International Christian Fellowship (ICF) in Oberursel while we lived in Frankfurt and joined a small group called "Well Fed", since we always got together over dinner.  For international teachers, I think that it's imperative to have a community or group of friends outside of your co-workers and school community.  For us, Well Fed was that outlet.  We met a bunch of great people and really enjoyed getting to know them over the past three years.  As a last hurrah, we all gathered once more for lunch out in Bommersheim after church one Sunday.

Donata suprised everyone with "cookie monster" cupcakes.


Running against the wind.

Nature lesson by Craig.

Not sure but maybe he's telling us how much Iron-Bru he had before going on the walk.

Germany:  when the weather is nice, it's a beautiful place.

Our host, David

I love that a mere 20 minutes outside of the city you can look like you're completely in nature.

Well-Fed minus Marisa.

Well-Fed minus Nicholas.

We hope to find another "well fed" in Hong Kong.  It definitely makes the transition much easier.

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