Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Luminale 2012

This post is way overdue, which will be the case of the next few blogs as we try to get caught up on the happenings over the past few months.  You may remember a post a couple of years ago that described the bi-annual light exhibition around Frankfurt, entitled "Luminale".

Well, since it is a bi-annual event, and that post was two years ago, then it's that time again for another Luminale!  We weren't able to get out and see as much as we wanted to during the week of exhibition in April.  Instead of strolling through the parks in Frankfurt, we took our chances on the Palmen Garten which turned out to have a few neat exhibits, but was far too crowded to be enjoyable.  Regardless, we'll share our photos:

This one sort of reminded me of dandelions from a distance.

One of my favorite exhibits was this collection of "jellyfish" that repeatedly ascended and descended.

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