Friday, September 27, 2013

Junk Boat

     One rite of passage that every resident of Hong Kong must experience is that of the full-day junk boat tour.  Arriving back in Hong Kong from our summer travels it seemed that everyone was thinking the same thing, with three different opportunities for junk-boating on three consecutive weekends.  We had rented a junk boat before for Marisa's 30th birthday in May, but that was a Friday night 4-hr dinner cruise.  This time we joined some friends from the worship team at our church for a day-time cruise that included sailing, swimming and eating.  We really lucked out to have a beautiful day and definitely got our money's worth.

 Not our boat, but it still gives you an idea of the beautiful backdrop of this boat cruise.

 It took an hour and a half, but we reached Clearwater Bay and reaped the benefits.

 The upper deck of the boat had plenty of room to bask in the sun.

We headed out around 10am and returned around 6pm as the sun was coming down. 

Marisa kept an eye out for pink dolphins, floating casinos, and other junk boats as she brought us in safely.

     If you are ever in Hong Kong for an extended time, a full-day junk boat trip should be on the itinerary.  Compared with the dinner cruises, these are definitely long as you get excellent weather.  We had a nice lunch, plenty of drinks, lots of swim time, and were able to meet tons of new people from church.  That equates to a successful day!

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