Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Miscell-Asian: Photo-Taking 101

Justin and I come across a lot of things while living in Hong Kong that an American would just not see on a day to day basis. We have been collecting observations that we want to share with you about Hong Kong culture or the general term "Asian". One of my favorite things about living overseas is learning the nuances of another culture. While with any culture some traditions or customs can be frustrating, I have found that the fun or interesting ones outweigh any of the annoying ones. The things I have loved the most are little sayings or phrases they use and of course the food. Just this weekend while on a run, a man explained to us that we were running at the hottest time of day (11-2) during this time of year and they call it the "Autumn Tiger". I just love it!

To kick-off our "Miscell-Asian" series of posts we are going to look at the art of photography.  As many of us know Asians like to take pictures and that has definitely been seen in Hong Kong and even on our travels outside Hong Kong. From scenery, landscapes, sights to food and a lot of themselves. I thought this video did a great job of illustrating the various stances and subjects that arise when an Asian wields a camera.

We hope none of these posts offend anyone and that is definitely not the purpose of them. We just want to showcase a few interesting cultural aspects of living in Asia to our friends and family. We hope you enjoy these posts and maybe learn a thing or two about life in the East.

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