Monday, August 31, 2009

What am I doing?

That is a great question and I find myself asking it a lot lately.  I thought I might take a break from all the event/picture sharing and share a little about what I am doing here in Frankfurt. We moved over here because Justin got a job teaching Physics at an international school here. This has been our dream to move overseas and see how schools are run in other countries and maybe, possibly get involved with people building schools later on.

So that is the dream, but this is my real life reality; Justin is in his second week of teaching and I am in my third week of looking for a job. With any job search it is a roller coaster of emotions. Some days I am so motivated and feel like I get a lot of leads and the next day I can't find anything and feel so deflated.  I do have a lot of time on my side which is very different from my life in the States. I would try and fill every free moment with a phone call, an email, or just anything. I have had so much free time that I have actually read three books since I have been here...I know crazy. 

Some of my daily tasks include running to the grocery store and other stores that sell household items because you can't get them all at one place. Laundry every other day. Cleaning the apartment, language learning, job hunting and of course reading. I also love to get out and about in the city because the weather has been amazing. I have found a great coffee shop called Coffee Fellows with free wifi and a great corner street set up to watch everyone in their busy days. But all this said I still find myself having a lot of emotions about my direction and purpose here in Frankfurt. I have crazy ideas for jobs and who knows maybe one will actually not be so crazy. It is just strange, but also quite nice.  My whole life I have rushed around and never really stopped and smelled the roses and I can actually do that here. I really feel like this is God's way of teaching me a few things about myself and some new found skills. I feel like he is teaching me how to be observant, patient, open-minded, and flexible. I also think He is giving me the time I need to listen to what He might have in store for me. I have tons of thoughts and ideas I never even would have dreamed of because I never gave myself the time to think of them. So in a way I am really enjoying this "down time", but I also have an internal battle to find a job and to find one I really will enjoy and not just one to make money while I am here. 

I have enjoyed meeting people and who knows maybe they will be new friends. My life here is in one word- different. Of course I knew this coming in that it was going to be different, but almost a month in I kind of like the different, but also don't know how to handle the different. Figuring this all out and will keep you updated.

So the job search continues and the quest for direction is on.

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