Friday, October 9, 2009

J'aime Paris

I have been waiting to go to Paris since high school. I took French for 4 years with the same teacher, Madame Gruwell, and she did an amazing job of portraying French culture and she convinced me to want to be a part of it. I give full credit to Madame Gruwell for my love for French art and the impressionist era. Well my dream became a reality finally 8 years later. Last week I set off with Ethan and Kayce to explore Paris. I will say that it was really sweet of my husband to let me go while he stayed home and worked. He is a keeper. Well first thing I noticed in Paris was I had lost any and all my French skills, I guess learning Spanish and now trying my hand at German there wasnt any room for French anymore. I doubt I will even be able to express how awesome my trip to Paris was, but I would tell anyone that you have to go once or twice in your lifetime. It really is a city of beauty. Everything about it is so amazing from the architecture, parks, museums, and everything in between. This is a city you have heard about your whole life with people you have learned about your whole life and to finally see it was just overwhelming in such an incredible way.  To look up at the Eiffel tower while it sparkles at night, to seeing Van Gogh paintings, and exploring Versailles where so much history is from. We were there 3 days and hit it hard, but I will say I got to see so much. I know these pictures will not do any justice to Paris, but I will try to show you some of my favorites from the trip.

Notre Dame

Saint Chapelle- a beautiful church with gorgeous stained glass windows on every wall of the place.

Arc de Triomphe- We went all the way to the top and looked down the Champs Elysees

My first night in Paris and I saw this....Unbelievable. We enjoyed some real French wine (recommended by a Frenchman) and cheese. It was a perfect night!

Hall of Mirrors in Versailles

One side of the amazing gardens at Versailles.

Everything was covered in gold in Versailles. There were tons of crowns, my mom would have loved it.

Van Gogh self-portrait in the Musee d' Orsay. By far my favorite museum in Paris.

This was one of my favorite paintings in the Musee d' Orsay by Degas.

I have seen this sculpture in books and many replicas, but nothing compares to first hand. Another Degas

Sacre Coeur at night

Sacre Coeur overlooking the city. There were tons of street performers and plenty to keep us entertained for the night.

Got to see Moulin Rouge!

At the top of the Eiffel Tower.....a little hazy but still awesome.

The Louvre

I will say the Louvre is something to check off the list when going to Paris, but I enjoyed the Jardin des Tuileries and all the people outside.

The Louvre was so busy and it was a Wednesday afternoon. I wonder if Paris is busy all year round?

The Thinker

The Rodin Museum was probably one of the most pleasant surprises of the trip. It was in a beautiful rose garden with sculptures throughout it.

The Kiss- my favorite sculpture by Rodin.

The Opera House- I am a huge Marc Chagall fan and the ceiling was painted by him. It was amazing with all the figures flying around; you have to go there and see it.

Great architecture in the Opera House

The Paris crew- Me , Kayce, and Ethan

Like I said this post could not even beginning to show you what Paris has to offer. The trip was amazing and I had a great experience. From drinking french wine, eating baguettes and pains au chocolat to dining at a french bistro and great friends the trip was one I will look back on and smile. I just want to let Madame Gruwell know that France and Paris lived up to all my expectations! Thanks for enlightening me!

BONUS FOOTAGE: Check out some videos from Paris I totally forgot I took these.

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