Thursday, October 29, 2009

A surprise visitor....Juanjo

Right before we left for our Fall Break trip one of my dear friends came into town randomly. Lets rewind a little bit. Back in Spring 2005 I studied aboard in Salamanca, Spain and had an experience of a lifetime. While I was there we were handing out free coffee to promote the campus ministry we were trying to get started called En Vivo. And on this cold January day in Spain I met Juanjo. He spoke great english and I spoke not so good spanish. We decided to be language partners to teach each other a thing or two. Well over the semester we became good friends and he also meet all the people at En Vivo. We had some good laughs and good times at one of my favorite places Holy Cross. It was really cool to talk to my friends after I left Salamanca and have them tell me that Juanjo was still hanging out and making great friends at En Vivo. That is why I love En Vivo and that is why Juanjo loves En Vivo too. It was one of the best times in my life and is one of the main reason I wanted to live aboard again. It was a great semester of adventure, uncertainty, and a whole lot of fun and new friendships!
It was great seeing him after 4 years and picking up right where we left off. It seems like a small world when you meet back up with someone in Germany that you met in Spain. He is actually only a little over an hour away from Frankfurt in a town called Wurzburg. He just finished law school and has joined all of us in the job search. He doesn't know if he will stay in Germany or not, but either way it was so awesome to see him and catch up. Being in Germany I do think about what lifelong friends will I make here and seeing Juanjo just made me that much more excited to see.

Good to see you man and I hope we meet up again in life real soon!!!
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