Friday, October 23, 2009

Strasbourg, France

To finish out our trip we packed up our stuff in Baden Baden and hopped on the train for a day over the border and into France. Many people had told us about Strasbourg and how beautiful it was and they were not joking. This town was a mix of German and French influence. At times I didnt know if I was in Germany or France. I will tell you one thing is they did not speak English and I think they were offended when I asked, "Parlez-vous anglais? " I got a quick "NO" and then Justin asked if they speak German and they said a little. So my lack of French and German skills led to an interesting day of pointing and gestures, but always a good laugh.

The cute little town of Strasbourg

The Strasbourg Cathedral- the 6th tallest church in the world

Just look how tall it is! We climbed 330 steps to get there and paid 4.50 euros.

The city was surrounded by a canal and lots of footbridges. Everything looked liked this.

This was Justin's favorite part and if I didn't say anything about it he would be so disappointed. We took a tour around the canal in this covered boat. They had special headphones with every language you could think of on it. I will mention that the English version of stuff said ended a lot faster than other languages. I don't know if English is quicker or they just don't give us as much info. I hope I wasn't being cheated of valuable information. Anyways at one point the boat pulled up into this thing which I was later told is a lock. They close the boat in and water from the front starts pouring in to level you out with the water ahead of you. It was weird and really cool at the same time.

Then it opens up and you continue on your way in the higher part of the canal.

This was the area called Petit France and we have a painting from a street artist that looks almost like this in our kitchen. It was only 10 euros and we saw her finish it right in front of us. I love street art!

I mean how awesome is this!!!

We really enjoyed our day trip to Strasbourg filled with cathedrals, a canal boat trip, street art, baguettes and crepes (of course).
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