Friday, October 2, 2009

Our First Visitors

We are sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, but we have been busy entertaining our first non German guests. I am proud to say that my sister, Kendra and my brother-in-law, Jeff were our first official visitors from the States. In celebration of their two year wedding anniversary they decided to come visit us in Germany!  Following in at a close second by one day were my friends Kayce and Ethan. This was Ethan and Kayce's first time to Germany and Kayce's first trip to Europe! It was great having family and friends in town to show them our new life here in Frankfurt and also to travel to new cities together.

Kendra and Jeff on a riverboat tour of the Main River in Frankfurt. What a happy couple!!! Happy Anniversary on Oct. 6th!

Ethan, Kayce and I in the Chinese Garden in Frankfurt. Welcome to Germany!

We have so much to blog about from the fun times in Frankfurt, our group trip to Munich for Oktoberfest, a trip to the Dachau concentration camp, and our trip to Paris. The past week and a half has been amazing and we cant wait to share it with you! So stay tuned and we hope to get all the posts up soon.
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