Thursday, November 26, 2009

Braunschweig Christmas Market aka Weihnachtsmarkt

I will warn you now this is just a teaser because all these pictures were taken on my crappy canon powershot SD200 (I know ancient). I debated even taking any photos or even to post them, but I couldn't resist once I was there, it was just so fabulous. Today was the first day for a lot of Christmas Markets aka Weihnachtmarkt across Germany. I had the privilege to enjoy one right here in Braunschweig. After training today, myself and one of the other teachers in my class decided to go wonder around and I am so glad we did. I have been so excited and it is hard to not be in the Christmas spirit here. I have been watching the market be built in Frankfurt and even walking through the construction I would get a smile on my face. This is one thing that Germany just knows how to do right and do it all out. With tons of vendors and tons of amazing food it is just a sight to be seen.  Enjoy a few photos and expect plenty more throughout the month of December.

A giant weihnachtpyramide

One of the many food vendors selling, brats(of course it wouldn't be Germany without them), gluhwein (a warm spiced red wine drink), and all kinds of fried bread similar to funnel cake with powdered sugar on it. The smells were amazing, my nose was in heaven.

The best part about going to the market was that everyone was out tonight. It is a Wednesday night and going to the opening of the Christmas market seemed like such a tradition. Everyone was laughing and having a merry time with friends and family.
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