Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Fit and Healthy Update 1

Don't worry this will not be turning into a health blog, but I think throughout this journey I will write little updates of my struggles and my victories. I also hope to tell you about some of my findings and any helpful tips. One tip I got from my friend Nikki's blog was to keep a workout calendar and I find that definitely helps to give you a visual of how many times you have gone to the gym or a run. Plus it feels good to write it on the calendar when you are done, kind of like a check in the box.
Another helpful tool that I have used in the past and decided to use again was a website called SparkPeople. With this website I can keep track of what I eat and count my calories and also keep track of workouts and cardio. I know it sounds like a lot but by using it I am able to see if I am getting enough protein to keep me full and it breaks down all the food you are eating into categories. It also lets you keep track of how many calories you are burning. This is just a great tool to keep track of calories in vs calories burned. Also I think this is great for people just starting out because sometimes you don't realize what you are eating. I know I have entered a food and didn't realize how many calories were actually in it. Plus it is helping me with portion control too.
Technically this is week three at the gym and I have to say it felt great. One thing my friend Nikki said to be aware of is what your body is saying. So after a few days of interval running (if you don't know what this is-ask, it is awesome!) my shins and knees started to hurt a bit so I switched it up and went on the elliptical for 30 minutes instead. I want to make sure to get my cardio in, but running can take its toll sometimes so please listen to your body. I will say the eating this week has probably been the most healthy I have eaten in a while. I made lettuce wraps for lunch and they were awesome. One victory for us here in Germany was we did not eat one potato this week for dinner. I know I don't have to avoid them but at the rate they eat them here and the rate they made it into our dinners it was just too much. Justin has been such a good sport and actually didn't complain too much when I made 2 veggies for dinner instead of one veggie and a carb.
All in all a great week for getting healthy and I am learning so much and I am always open to any tips, advice, exercises you like, cardio you do, or just plan overall health tips. I have decided to do kind of a mini weight in every two weeks and I was so lucky to have a friend who wants to do it with me. My friend, Mae, all the way in Thailand is also on a journey to get healthy and we decided to weight in together every two weeks.
One big obstacle I have the next two weeks is I am at training for my new job up in the North of Germany and I have no idea if my hotel has a gym. But these things happen in life and I am hoping to make a full body weight circuit I can do in my hotel room if there isn't a gym. The real kicker will be getting my cardio in. It is getting pretty cold here and the thought of running outside in this weather and in the dark is not something I want to do. So in life we figure it out and adjust...hopefully. Wish me luck!
Lastly all you blog followers I was serious when I asked for healthy recipes. I need them to mix up my rotation. So please if you have some recipes even traditional recipes that you make healthy please send them to me.
Thanks everyone for your support!
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