Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's Get Physical!

Me and my free banana with membership.
     I know you've been wondering from looking at our pictures, "how in the hell are those Jackson's managing to maintain their boyish and girlish figures?"  Well, let me tell you that over the past three months it has definitely not been because we've been working out.  To be honest, we've had plenty of other stuff going on, but have been meaning to join a gym to take better care of ourselves and keep in a routine.  
     So, this weekend we went to the local fitness club "Turngemeinde Bornheim" for their open house where we could basically come in and have a look at the facilities and join the club for a reduced price.  We signed up for two monthly memberships which includes access to the workout facilities and as many fitness classes as we want - I know I've been dying to get my Tai-Bo on and focus my chi with some old ladies.  
     Also, one of Marisa's volleyball coaches is a trainer there and he informed us that this gym is partly subsidized by the government, so you can have a FREE personal trainer as many days as you'd like.  We're thinking that as part of the national healthcare system the government invests in these type of things to keep the general public as healthy as possible.  It makes sense.  Our memberships are cheaper than private gyms because of this (only 39 Euro per person per month).
     So if over the next couple of months you notice that I start filling out my clothes more and some of my shirts start to rip, you'll know why!
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