Monday, November 9, 2009

Let the Shredding Begin!

On a previous post you noticed that I recently borrowed a six-string banjo from a friend here.  With all of the pluckin’ away on that thing I started to get the itch to want to play a real guitar.  I thought I could wait until April to dig mine out of our storage unit and bring it back, but that’s really not very soon as it turns out.  The music director at our church has also asked me to play guitar in the worship band, which is a cool opportunity that I’ve been excited about. 
                  All in all we decided to start looking for used acoustic guitars around here.  Marisa checked out a couple of music stores and it turns out that the closest music store to us (~10 minute walk) had some used guitars.  We went down there this Saturday and met the owner, an awesome Bavarian (south Germany) guy that seemed to be really excited to put any instrument in my hand. 

                  This joker was a trip and probably the most entertaining German I’ve met so far.  He sold me a new Epiphone for 150 Euros and threw in a strap, a few picks, strings, and even gave Marisa a harmonica.  He kept saying that “take this because you’re so friendly” and suggested that with Marisa playing the harmonica that we could get a band going.  Then he wanted to show us his crazy guitar/harmonica/drum instrument (pictured above).  The whole trip made a great Saturday.
                  Now I’ve got a nice little piece to shred on for a while.  Maybe I’ll actually have the time now to try to improve my skills.  

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