Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1,500 Miles in Two Weeks: Part One - The Wedding

     Our trip home began Friday, March 26th when Marisa and I flew in to Atlanta, via Paris (never again) and made a mad dash from the airport/rental car place to the Brazell's where we would make our temporary home for a few days, and on to a rehearsal dinner.  So, rewind......the original purpose of this trip was to attend/serve as a groomsman for my close high school friend Nicholas "Bubba" Estes' wedding, which has been in the works since before we left last summer.  Since Bubba and his wife are teachers they went with the obvious Spring Break wedding package, which turned out to correspond with my break, so we decided to make a two-week trip out of it to see family and friends.
     Alright, so we started off our trip with a wedding weekend.  The rehearsal dinner was at McEachern Methodist Church (where the ceremony would take place), and consisted of a familiar blend of barbecue beef brisket, chicken, pulled pork, beans, etc that was such an awesome welcome to come home to.  We stayed up watching more NCAA basketball until my body reminded me that I'd been up for just over 24 hours - needless to say it was time to rest up.
     On Saturday I enjoyed a wonderful morning of catching up with Bubba, treating a Target withdrawal, and indulging in a big-ass breakfast from IHOP which was a breath of fresh air - I've grown accustomed to the light German-style breakfast where I basically have toast with jelly or Nutella probably 5 days per week which gets old after a while.

Big Boy Breakfast - compliments of IHOP

     Later that day, around 4:30 or so, Nicholas Estes was wedded to Kimberly Armbruster, whom he met through Allatoona HS where they both work.  It was really great being part of the wedding party because I was re-united with some friends from Student Venture, which was a Christian youth organization that I loosely attended in high school.  The pastor that performed the ceremony was actually the same guy that led Student Venture back in the day and ended up baptizing me at a summer conference at Myrtle Beach back in 1999.  I'll never forget that day and Nick was right there alongside me in the pool - which is another testament of our friendship.

Wedding Party - post ceremony

Wedding Party - pre reception

reception place had a nice backyard with a picturesque barn - photo op indeed!

     Everything went well and the reception was no let-down.  We lit up the dance floor and had a great time, while simultaneously checking phones for updates on the Elite 8 match-ups.  I wish the newly weds the very best on their honeymoon and beginnings of marriage and I couldn't have dreamed up a better welcome back to the States after 8 months abroad!

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Estes

Alan Daws - one of my former co-workers at EPHS

the party ain't over 'til the groom has a tie around his head! (reminds me of my wedding)

Justin (signature included compliments of K8)
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