Monday, April 19, 2010

1,500 Miles in Two Weeks - Part Three: Greenville, SC

One of the most anticipated legs of our trip was definitely our weekend trip up to Greenville, SC to visit my brother, Jason, sister-in-law, Candace, and 6-month old niece, Arden.  It worked out well because we were able to stay with them on our way towards Hilton Head and my mom and step-dad were also able to drive down for the weekend from Philadelphia.  It's crazy to think that my niece was born in October and this was the first chance that I had to meet her - outside of skype that is.
"Getting to know you....getting to know all about you"

I think she likes me.

Checking out Exhibit B - Aunt Marisa

Pillow talk with Arden

Never too early to start teaching her something

We were greeted with Easter baskets, officially upping my Cadbury creme egg count up to 29 for the season, and we had a couple days of catching up, sharing pictures, watching Arden, and playing washers in the backyard.  It was a nice change from the pace of our visits in Atlanta.

Mom, Ed, and the first grandchild

She is absolutely beautiful and we loved hanging out with her.  Usually white babies aren't that cute to me, but she blows that theory out of the water.

Jason loves being a dad and it's cool seeing him soften up a little bit.  At this rate he might be initiating full-frontal hugs by September.

Another bonus was getting to have lunch with my family and our friends Josh and Becky Bagwell.  They got married in the Fall and have been living in Greenville and we've been wanting them to meet up with Jason and Candace so this was a nice opportunity for that.
It was great getting to have lunch with the Bagwell's.  I was mostly happy because we just had real Mexican food - it had been too long since my last #17 (which is apparently universal "burrito, enchilada, rice and beans" - still not sure how they coordinate that effort of collaboration).

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, my aunt Amy and grandma drove over from Blairsville with my dog, Sally, so that I could see her too while I was in town.  It was a real treat.  Lovely Easter with the rest of my family before continuing on to Hilton Head to have a week in a beach house with Marisa's family.
The Easter Sunday outfit

I'm sure this one will end up in a slide show at her wedding some day.

- Justin
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