Friday, April 23, 2010

1,500 Miles in Two Weeks - Part Four (Final Part): Hilton Head

The last leg of our trip back to the States was a week of vacation with my family in Hilton Head, SC. I have to say after a week of running around in Atlanta it was nice to actually have a Spring Break on the beach. The weather was amazing and I was wearing my summer attire. My mom and step-father flew in from California and my sister and brother-in-law came down from Boston. Neither of them had been to Hilton Head before and now I think they both want to retire there.

My brother-in-law Jeff, my pregnant sister Kendra (love the shirt - pregasaurus), My mom Susan, and my step-father Terry

First evening enjoying a stroll on the beach!

The whole trip included time on the beach, lots of golf (Terry and Jeff mostly), shopping for the ladies, and lots of eating. We had a lot of down time which allowed for some great conversations. That is one thing I love about my family- we can talk about anything. Each couple traded off cooking one night. The menu ranged from ribeye steaks, red beans and rice (Justin and I, we were dying for some), and taco night. We went out for one night to a great seafood restaurant. We were even lucky enough to see Dave and Jimmy one night for the finals of the NCAA men's basketball. Go Duke! (I love an underdog, so secretly I would have been happy with Butler winning, since my bracket was already shot, but I was happy an ACC team took the title too. Win-win for me)

Looking good on his beach cruiser. By this point in the trip Justin had a few sunburn patches.

The Johnson's

Since Hilton Head is so close to Savannah we headed over to Justin's Aunt Sheila and Uncle Jackie's house for dinner one night. We got to see his cousin Jack, who is currently doing his residency down in Savannah before moving to Richmond, VA, and his wife Ashley. The Johnson's are such a great family and we always enjoying seeing them. Since Justin and I have been together we usually would go down to Savannah at least twice a year and stay with them.

After a rental car key crisis the girls headed over to a town called Bluffton. It was such a cute town and it took you back in time. My mom was so excited because she had seen a commercial on Bluffton and if it hadn't been for the car key fiasco we probably would have never made it there.

Here is an example of what some of the old stores looked like. We were even lucky to go on a day that they had a farmer's market. This town was full of art galleries and we were eating it up.

Here is the gator Justin and the boys saw on the golf course. It was huge!

The week in Hilton head was very enjoyable and to be honest I can't remember the last time we went on a family vacation together. It was so nice of my family to all fly to the South-Thanks guys!

Next time I see her I will be an aunt to a new nephew!!

I love my family! Thanks for an awesome week of vacation

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