Saturday, April 24, 2010

We had some visitors!

The Sunday after we returned from the States we had two of our friends from England come through Frankfurt. Mike and Allison Thompson were doing a southern Germany trip and they wanted to come to Frankfurt, and we were more than happy to show our town off. We have known the Thompsons since college. We went through the same campus ministry, GTCCF. I really enjoyed getting to know them more on  this trip. We had so much fun and laughed a ton. They are great people (which we already knew), but we didn't know the extent of their greatness.
Welcome to Frankfurt

We took them on a short walking tour of part of the city and then headed over to the Apfelwein (apple wine) area called Sachsenhausen. This was a great way to start off the trip. We wanted to show them a little Frankfurt tradition and apfelwein is a perfect way to do that. So we went to one of our favorite spots for apfelwein and I was thinking we all could get a glass. Well Justin had other plans and he ordered a big pitcher aka bembel that was 3 liters. The waiter told us it was 10 glasses, it was more like 12. So after all of us had about 3 glasses of apfelwein we were feeling good.
They liked it, they really liked it!

Always love a little apfelwein on a Sunday afternoon.

After that we took them to the one and only Zur Sonnenuhr, our neighborhood restaurant. We wanted them to experience the best schnitzel of their lives and meet our girl, Tanya. Once again Tanya hooked us up and gave us an after dinner drink called Schwarze Katze. We all enjoyed it and decided it was time to call it a night.

The next morning the Thompsons met up with our favorite tour guide, Jo, and did the Frankfurt on Foot walking tour.  We made them some dinner that night and then headed out to the Luminale exhibit. This was a lighting exhibit that was going on all week. There used to be a wall all around Frankfurt and now it is parks and this is where a lot of the lighting exhibits were. There will be more about this in another post.  The Thompsons got a day and night tour of the city that day.

This is Mike and Allison's picture and just a preview of one of the lighting exhibits

The next day we just took it easy until they had to get on the bus to the airport. We really had an awesome time with the Thompson's and I hope they did too. I really hope they tell people that Frankfurt is actually cool. 

The things we will take away from our visit with the Thompson's:
1.) The new downfall of our marriage - a game called Sporcle
2.) The awesome show-Intervention
3.) Gelato is a weakness for them especially stracciatto
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