Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frankfurt Oktoberfest

Weeks ago the month of September brought us the ever-popular three weeks of "Oktoberfest".  Last year we had to indulge our curiosity and visit the real Oktoberfest in Munich, but one can find similar knock-offs all over the country during the same period of time.  This year we went to Frankfurt's celebration with a group of our co-workers.  Specifically, we went on a night to see this famous Schlager singer named Mickie Krause - and when I say "famous" I mean that he's known to old German people that go to Mallorca on vacation (think Spring Break in Panama City, FL).  The music was entertaining, everyone danced on the tables, many Masses (1 liter beer glasses) were consumed, and we all had a great time. 

Fall weather means the trendy hat is back, and Marisa gets to rock her beloved Fall color palette!

Two of our new co-worker friends from Canada, Tran and Kate, very satisfied with their 1 liter Masses.

We didn't catch all of the lyrics of the traditional Schlager jams, but the one line you did hear was "Ich bin solo, ich bin solo, ich bin solo..........scheiss egal!, which translates to "I am alone..........I don't really care."  I also didn't realize until I watched the video that I busted out nearly every dance move in my repertoire in the span of about two minutes - I should know better than to put all of my cards on the table that early in the game!  Lots of fun on a school night and everyone made it safely to class the next day.


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