Sunday, October 17, 2010


Right after the Frankfurt Oktoberfest we headed down to Stuttgart to visit my aunt and uncle, but also to enjoy Volksfest, Stuttgart's version of Oktoberfest. I love those places that are only an hour and a half away, but it feels so much further. Going to Stuttgart gives us the much needed relaxation that we crave while also enjoying some family fun. It is just far enough away that all the duties of home are left at home and you can just enjoy your weekend and forget about all the stuff you need to do. Do you have a place like that?

On Saturday afternoon the whole crew headed down into the city to enjoy some German traditions. It was my aunt Nancy's birthday on Sunday so this was a nice way to kick off the celebrations.

My uncle had gone to this tent, Schwaben Brau, last year and it is known as one of the best. We decided that was where we wanted to go and proceeded to the door. After a few minutes the bouncer look at me and said how many and I said four and he let us right in...SWEET! 

Once inside we found a table, that was only free until four, and started to enjoy some delicious Schwabisch food and of course a liter of Oktoberfest brew. Anytime Justin and I are in the state of Baden-Wurttembergburg we have to get the Kasespaetzle and Maultaschen. If you have never tried it you need to! The Schlager music was blaring and people were up on benches dancing away.

On this trip to Stuttgart I finally had the chance to meet up with Clare and Brian. Clare is a good friend of my high school friend, Nikki. Clare lives in Stuttgart and we have been following each others blogs for almost a year now. It was great to finally meet her and her husband face to face. Here is the girl shot.

And now the boy shot. Justin and I couldn't stop raving about these two. We had a great time hanging out with them and wished we could have done it sooner. 

A trip to Stuttgart is never complete without a trip to the US base. On Sunday we headed to the PX and picked up some essentials (cheez-its, BBQ sauce, taco seasoning, yankee know) It was a great trip and we came back well stocked and refreshed.

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