Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Festivals and Friends

Since the moment we arrived in Frankfurt there seems to be a festival going on and this past weekend was no exception. I understand that it is summer and this is common for big cities, but all I am saying is it's a nice way to be introduced to a city. The festival this past weekend was none other than a beer festival. It had beers from all over the world to create the biggest beer garden in Frankfurt. They also had live music and it was funny watching all the Germans dance out in the open to some Motown hits. At a festival comes great food and here are a few pictures to illustrate.

All the meat you could dream of in one place. It was a sight to see and smell.

This is Justin's heaven on earth. A giant vendor of Hairbo gummies. Since we have been here he has eaten probably a bag of gummy bears every 2 or 3 days. He was like a kid in a candy store right here.

Another event going on right now is a free show of the Passion Play in the center of town. It is taking place on the Roman ruins. We just happen to walk by during dress rehearsal. They call it Lukas 14 and even though it was in German I got the idea.

Saturday afternoon we decided to take in some culture and we headed to the Goethe House and Museum. Many of you have probably heard of Goethe for his work Faust. He was born in Frankfurt and they have made his childhood home a local tourist attraction. It was pretty impressive for that period in time. He is very famous here in Frankfurt and they take a lot of pride in him. He also has a statue in town.

They had a special exhibit of artists that have created artwork based on the work Faust.  Justin really liked this part. I  don't totally know the story of Faust but I know there are some strange characters and they were definitely depicted in this artwork. 

Here was a really cool astronomical clock from the 1740's in Goethe's house. It still worked and had the correct day and time. 

Ok there is a story to this picture that I just had to share because it had me laughing out loud. While we were walking around Saturday we stopped to listen to a two man band sing and of course they are singing American songs. Out of nowhere this old man in the green jacket, the other man in the black tank top that we called "the Hoff "and the Asian man in the yellow shirt on the right just start busting out dancing. The dancing was not all the same but all different probably their best moves. The Asian man was jumping around, the Hoff was grabbing his crotch and the old man was moving faster than I thought he was possible of doing. It might be one of those things where you had to be there, but just maybe I thought I could paint the picture for you.

Lastly we got to see my former Georgia Tech teammate, Ulli. We hung out with her, her sister and her sister's boyfriend all Saturday night. It was so great hanging out with them and taking in all the festivals Frankfurt was offering that night. Her sister took us to a really cool little hideaway in a park and we just sat and caught up on life. It is always great talking with Germans and just getting to know more about their country and culture.

I did want to mention that we have noticed if you don't try a little you can end up eating a lot of meat and carbs here. Thank God for the fresh market every Wednesday and Saturday!

This weekend is going to be awesome. It is the Museum Fest and I can't wait. For four euros you get a button and can go to over 20 museums for 3 days. There is also over 500 vendors and over 3 million people coming to this event. So look out for pictures from that next week.

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