Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Firsts of many...

We are total goobers and take pictures of us doing ordinary things, but in Germany it is all extraordinary. As you can imagine there is a lot of things that we just don't do in the States or when we do them in Germany it somehow becomes more cool. So enjoy some of our firsts and they won't be our lasts.

Beer- It is so good it is hard not to join in on the German tradition. Look how happy we look!

Flea Market- being like a local and buying a coffee table and bargaining the seller down from 30 euros to 20...YEAH!

Revival- Seeing our first Jesus revival in the center of town... Hallelujah!

Crate of beer- Justin buying his first crate of beer. Let me put this into perspective... he bought 20 half liters of beer for 20 euros which is like a euro a beer but the beauty is you get money back when you take the bottles back so less than a euro for a nice size beer. It was Paulaner.....think of you every time we take a sip Schloegel!

Brats- Making our first at home and they are good no matter how you serve them. 
Brat count (number of links) = 17
Apfelwein or Apple wine- is a local favorite in Frankfurt and we took part in some at the neighborhood festival. You can have it sour (topped off with tonic water) or sweet (topped off with sprite/orange soda). We went sweet and it is definitely something to try.

Doner Kebab- We both have a love for this Turkish food and the love came rushing back once we had one here. For 3 or 4 euros you can't go wrong with one of these - filling and satisfying. And nothing goes bad with a beer, look at that pour-PERFECT!
A first I couldn't imagine in the States-We have gone without cell phones or TV for almost 2 weeks, I know it is crazy. But honestly with internet (finally, that is a whole post on its own), books, going for walks, and each other we have been doing pretty well. I could never imagine it in America, but the slower life is treating us well at least for right now.

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