Thursday, August 6, 2009

Top Five and Goodbye America

As we set out on our new adventure TODAY we would like to reflect a little on the time we have spent in Atlanta. To do that we are bringing you our top five things we will miss about Atlanta and top five things we wont miss about Atlanta lists. Just to preface friends and family are for sure the top thing we will miss and that being said we will not be putting them on the lists.

Here we go..

Justin's Top Five Things he Will miss about Atlanta:
1.) Taco Mac- I'm pissed that the beers that I try won't count for my passport club
2.) Driving- while it'll be nice to not have to sweat so much in the Ranger,
 our 9-year history will not be forgotten
3.) Football season - Georgia Tech, Falcons, and EP Fall will be much different without them.
4.) BBQ - Jim n Nicks', Sonny's, Pig n Chick, Williamson Bros....the South just knows how to do it.
5.) Concerts - ATL is a magnet for awesome shows at great venues.  I hope that Germany is a stop on somebody's tour.

Justin's Top Five Things he Wont miss about Atlanta:
1.) Maintaining automobiles - gas, oil changes, brakes, etc. are for the birds
2.) WNBA - WTF, not that I watch it anyways
3.) Allergies - I feel like I need to carry an I.V. with Zyrtec
4.) Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, Michelob, etc.
5.) the Economy - salary in Euros makes it easier to pay off student loans 

Marisa's Top Five things she Will miss about Atlanta:
1.) Georgia Tech- from football, volleyball and just some good school spirit. I love that place dang it!
2.) Screen on the Green at Piedmont Park- One of Atlanta's best events too bad they moved it to Centennial Olympic Park
3.) Chik-Fil-a, The Porter, Cravers, etc.- Atlanta has some great food! I will see how I hold up on beer and brats.
4.) Dr. Pepper- no soda can top the 23 flavors 
5.) Lake Weekends- some of my favorite memories and good times were at Loconee. 

Marisa's Top Five things she Wont miss about Atlanta:
1.) Humidity- this Cali girl cant handle all the sweating.
2.) Cockroaches- I had so many in our apartment sometimes I thought I heard them talk.
3.) NASCAR- I still don't get why people love watching cars going around in a circle.
4.) Traffic- Public transportation will be nice for a change..then ask me again in a year.
5.) People who don't recycle- Because in Germany everyone recycles, it is the law!

Here is all that is left of us in Atlanta. A 10x10 storage unit filled to the brim.

Goodbye Atlanta We will miss you!

The Jackson's

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