Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Marisa's Birthday Bash

I promise this will be the last thing about my birthday. On Friday night we had my birthday party and it was so much fun. First I want to say that I was super excited that I had made enough friends in ten months to have a party.

The night began with some champagne, or as I learned recently aperitifs, at our apartment. People came bearing gifts which I was totally not expecting including wine, homemade cookies, a necklace, a cookbook (for vegetarian meals aka meatless Mondays), chocolates, flowers and a German card game which I am so excited to try out. It was so sweet of everyone. The night was warm, for Germany, and I just knew it was going to be a good night. With some bubbly in us we headed out.

For those of you that have known me for a while, this was one of those times when I got really excited and just couldn't stop smiling and talking fast. It was also the first time some of my friends had seen this excitement from me and it made them laugh. Some things never change.

You might have heard us talk about our neighborhood restaurant before and this was the place for the birthday bash. Justin talked with our girl, Tanya, and she hooked us up. We had a long table right in the middle of the restaurant. Justin and Tanya had arranged for a schnitzel buffet. We had talked a big game about how amazing the schnitzel is at Zur Sonnenuhr and they did not disappoint. We had a mountain of schnitzel with three different sauces and roasted potatoes - I know very German. It was a treat for our German friends because they told us they rarely eat like that. Everyone loved the food and I was so glad. Conversation and laughs were heard all around the table. It felt like Thanksgiving where plates are being passed around and everyone is stuffing their faces. After dinner Justin had bought a cake from our favorite bakery, Cafe Klein. It was a lemon sponge cake roll and OMG it was the best lemon cake I have ever had and I think some my guests would agree with me. Light, fluffy, not too lemony and just plain amazing.
I am so excited and smiling so big my eyes are almost closed.

Rachel, Stephen, Katy and Ryan

The two pregnant girls, Katy and Heather and Justin in between bites of schnitzel

David and Donata- sorry guys it was this one or the picture with your eyes closed. I know you wanted the schnitzel real bad.

Beate, Raoul, Charity- check out the mount of schnitzel in this picture

The amazing lemon sponge cake...AMAZING!

We finished the night of with a digestiv (also a new word for me) aka German schnapps. Tanya also gave me a box of Merci chocolates and a hug at the end of the night, love her! I am kicking myself for not getting a picture with Tanya hopefully next time.

Enjoying his digestiv!

I think Donata is enjoying hers and David's.

The night was so much fun and looking around the table just put a smile across my face. It was cool to see people from all around the world come together. We had Germans, a Scot, a Brit, a Kenyan, an Aussie, and of course Americans all represented at the table. Conversations are so fun with so many backgrounds. We will say this is how we do something in our country and then someone else will be like we do it this way. It is eye opening and so interesting to learn about all the different cultures.

The whole gang!

Thanks to everyone who made me feel so loved on my birthday. You are amazing friends!
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