Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photography Class Homework Week Three

Let me start by saying this week was the hardest assignment for me so far. I am very aware of how bad I am at getting the right lighting. In my defense I didn't give the assignment probably all the time it needed. I was rushing around all week and didn't set aside some good time for photos. All that means is more practice on lighting this week.

Part 1: Posing and Head Positions

Mug Shot- straight on

3/4th- one ear disappears

7/8th- chin slightly to the left or right

3/4th again


By the way these were all taken before we went to watch the USA vs. Ghana game (more on that later).

Part two: Lighting Patterns
So the lighting in all these pictures pretty much sucks, but I was pressed on time and wanted to get the assignment done. This only equals poor pictures.

Split lighting- half the face in the light and half in the shadow.

Not sure if this is Loop (shadow to the side and a loop of light on the face) or Rembrandt (shadow on jawbone and triangle of light on the face) or neither. I am thinking Rembrandt.

Back lighting- back towards the light source.

I managed not to get an example of butterfly/paramount lighting which is the light source at a 45 degree angle in the sky and the subject is facing the light. You get a little shadow under your nose on this one. Like I said not my best work.

Part three: Window light vs. Open shade

Window lighting from the side

Open shade- not good to have the spots of light coming through the tree for this assignment, if you are going for that effect it is good, I wasn't.

So there you go. Any tips or advice on getting good lighting I would love to hear it! A work in progress, but still having fun. This is my last week of photography class and I can't believe how much I have learned in 4 weeks.

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