Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer is here and so are the visitors!

Last weekend we stayed in town for once and entertained about six guests. It is always a blast seeing familiar faces and just getting to catch up on life. It started on Thursday with Cheryl showing up at our apartment just as Justin was coming home from work. Around eight that same night Matthew and Katherine showed up too. Just a little background, we all know each other from college and more specifically our college campus ministry, CCF. Cheryl also was a team member when I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain and helped with Globalscope. Matthew and I go way back with GT athletics, but a real friendship came about at CCF. This is also where I met his wife Katherine and we were friends instantly and she even took on heading up an athlete bible study (I felt for you girl). We are great friends and have many memories together so it was fun to add to that list of memories in Germany. You all know where we took them for dinner and no one was disappointed.

At the neighborhood joint. (Picture courtesy of Katherine) From left to right Me, Cheryl, Katherine, Matthew and Justin

The next day all of us (minus Justin he had to work) headed out on the Frankfurt on Foot tour ....of course!

After the tour we had lunch which was an interesting experience with some language difficulties, I was kind of embarrassed because after living here almost a year this was one of the worst language barriers/miscommunications I had been in. At least we introduced Matthew and Katherine to the donor kebab, a European speciality and a must have.

After lunch we took Cheryl to the train station to head up to Dusseldorf and hang out with one of our friends from Salamanca, Juanjo.

It was time for a break so we headed home where Justin was stirring up a German meal of bratwursts and potatoes for dinner. We enjoyed them on our balcony and had a nice evening of great conversation and just some good laughs.
He looks so happy!

Nothing like a bratwurst in Germany

We finished the trip off with a little World Cup action and the signature Applewine (not a favorite). It was great seeing everyone and I hope Matthew and Katherine had a blast on their first European adventures.

After an early trip to the airport my Uncle John and Nancy from Stuttgart showed up with my 85 year old Grandpa aka Gramps around noon on Saturday. I admire my Gramps for making the trip all the way to Germany. His trip was for two weeks and my Uncle has been showing him all around. Frankfurt was the last stop for two days. We took them to our favorite Italian restaurant before seeing a few sights.

Uncle John, Gramps, and Nancy

Our Italian restaurant and yes the World Cup is on in the background. You can't go anywhere without a TV on with the it!

Gramps and I

We took them to see the big cathedral aka the Dom and it was a huge hit. I told them as much history and facts as I could remember. My Uncle John couldn't stop taking photos. From there we walked through the Romer and onto St. Leonard's for mass. My Grandpa said going to mass in St. Leonard's church was one of his favorite parts. The church was built in 1219 and not badly damaged in the war so a lot of it is original. After mass we went to dinner at none other than our neighborhood place (I can't believe we went there twice in three days, we are taking a break for now). We caught the England vs. USA game.......Way to go USA!!!

In the Romer

The next day we had the pleasure of taking them to our church, ICF. Justin was playing in the worship band that morning and so they got to see him. They were welcomed by all our friends and I hope they enjoyed it. From there he had lunch and then they headed back to Stuttgart as my Gramps was flying back on Monday. 

I always love seeing family and this visit was no exception. We had a great time and we were loud everywhere we went and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I truly think it was an amazing thing for my 85 year old Grandpa to fly all the way to Germany. That is a true example of only having one life to live and rockin it out!!!

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