Monday, June 14, 2010

Photography Class Homework Week One

I started my photography class last week and I have already learned so much. I took pictures all week in manual!!!! I am sure everyone was annoyed with me as I was trying to get the settings right before taking a picture. Each week in my class I have homework and I thought it might be cool to get more help from my photographer readers. This week was learning how to use manual settings from setting the shutter speed and aperture to learning how to use ISO. We also had a fun assignment that was following someone around for a day. It was called " A Day in the Life of" and I am sure you can guess who my subject was. So all you photographer friends out there (April, David, Mel and more) please give me some feedback and ways I can make the pictures better.

Part one: f-stop/aperture aka depth of field

Front bottle in focus the rest out of focus -shallow depth of field

Back bottle in focus the rest out of focus- shallow depth of field

Both bottles in focus and the rest out of focus- deep depth of field

Any tips on what f-stops work best in which lighting would be helpful. Like indoor, sunlight, shade, etc.

Part two: Shutter speed aka creating motion or stopping motion

 All three of these are slow shutter speeds that create motion

Faster shutter speed to stop the motion.

Part Three: ISO- still not 100% on how this really works. I understand that it gives you more light as a last resort, but than the photos become more grainy.  Here is my stab at it.

ISO 200

ISO 400

Indoors- ISO 800 

Any advice on the right use of ISO would be helpful too.

Part Four: A day in the life of Justin

Getting his learn on

Walking to the store

Hanging with the in-laws who were visiting. What a good listener!

Trying out my depth of field, Everything in focus except Justin. Watching the World Cup

Justin in focus and everything else out of focus

Walking through the park to our apartment

Going to the Dom in the city center

In the Dom. Lighting is a little dark. Is this where I would use a higher ISO?

Watching the USA take on England. I used a higher ISO here 800 I think.

Happy with a tie and heading home from out neighborhood joint.

A few questions- What is the best setting to use for metering? The options on my camera are Matrix, Center-weighted, and spot. 
Does anyone have any tips for shooting indoors? 

I would love any suggestions on any of my photos here or just photography advice in general. Lighting, exposure, composition, ISO, etc. I need help and want to get better so please don't feel like you are hurting my feelings. I know I am new at this and have a lot to learn.  I will try and do this for my whole class, don't worry it is only four weeks so three more times.

Victory for this weeks class- I used manual settings all week long!!!! Thank you for everyone who was so patient with me as I learn.

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