Friday, June 25, 2010

Photography Class Homework Week Two

Sorry this is a little late this week. You will get to see more pictures of Rothenburg ob der Tauber for this homework assignment. It made for a perfect background for any photo shoot. I am feeling a little better with manual settings and I can definitely see why being able to shoot manually can make a huge difference.

Part 1: Rule of Thirds- stop centering your photos!

One of my favorites of the trip

Justin gets the pleasure of being my subject most of the time, what a good sport!

Part Two: Playing with your white balance

Auto White Balance

Shade White Balance- Cloudy White Balance would have been better, it is a little too yellow/golden

Part Three: Creating Art Around You
 For this part we are supposed to try and find design in textures, lines, shapes, patterns, framing, and color. Shoot tight showing details and interesting composition. I have to say some are better than others.

I wish I would have gotten this a little straighter, I don't like the tilt.

These were old horse troughs turned flower pots.

A little bright.

One of my favorites

Trying an new angle. I like shooting up, but next time I would do without so much tilt.

Lighting wasn't too bad on this one. I find churches hard to get the lighting just right.

I had a lot of fun shooting for this assignment. Any comments or advice are welcomed!

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